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Guardian Car 200

Working in the Civil Protection area, there certainly may be a problem with coordination of large groups of people in case of natural or industry disaster. The classic megaphone comes handy as much as static sirens of big power for general warning. Now imagine a device which has advantages of both these systems. It is mobile siren GC200 concept.

Guardian Car is mobile siren of 200W output, mounted on the roof of a common car or van. The main advantage of this system is its versatility - electronics is built inside the portable sturdy case, while speakers are mounted on the roof of a car inside the detachable lightbar. At first sight it is a common police car siren but Guardian Car is optimized for the Civil Defence purposes - mainly as mobile public address equipment. It allows the operator to transmit the messages using wireless microphone while the siren can be moved in the exact place where it is needed. Warning signals are recorded as .mp3 files in the common USB memory stick.

Information leaflet

Comparison:Guardian CarStandard car siren
Acoustic power:200-300W80-150W
Voice input:Microphone, Wireless mic., AUXMicrophone only
Alarm messages:Custom - USB flash memory (.mp3)3 standard tones
Field voice recording:Voice recorderN/A
Radio control:Start 1 alarmN/A
Installation:Flexible - usable on any carFixed in car

Technical data
Control case dimensions:37,6 x 26,3 x 15,2 cm
Car roof connection:various
Control case weight:7kg
Lightbar weight:20kg
Power supply:12V DC
Amplifier power:350W
Acoustic output (max.):136dB(A)/1m
Acoustic output (effective):115dB(A)/1m
Acoustic frequency:400-1600Hz
Wireless microphone range:30m
Control case protection:IP67 (closed)
Lightbar protection:IP56
No.of alarms:99
Operating temperature:-20 ... 50*C

Typicall application:
Emergency management - for the civil protection or local authorities, mayors of small villages or cities. The main advantage is the FLEXIBILITY of the system, the Guardian Car 200 can be used on most cars. Its easy assembly and disassembly allows it to be used only in the cases of emergency or disaster.

Portable Public Address system - Guardian Car 200 is suitable for a role of a PA system. For announcements it is possible to use wireless microphone in the area around 30m. Microphone has a strong anti-feedback characteristics. For a special events, it is possible to use radio input for a local broadcasting.

Optional modules:
- Voice Recorder, customer can record any message using microphone and then replay it from the memory (this can be done in the field)

- Important for system developers!: GC200 can be used with any combination of speakers available 200W / 4Ohm

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