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MobilHorn is a 12V 150W portable electronic siren designed especially for the requirements of the Civil Protection and Crisis Management authorities. In principle, it is a megaphone and a car siren with some modifications. It has full PA ability, large area coverage, integrated USB .mp3 player and wireless microphone for 30m. The main advantage of Mobilhorn is its flexibility. It is not just siren but small computer which can be even connected to ethernet computer network! It is fully flexible and custom-made, including language packages, control screen with buttons or new functions.

MobilHorn system consists of 2 basic modules - the control case with electronics and sphere speaker. Both modules are designed to be quickly deployed on any car or other vehicle available. System is connected to 12V car battery. Speaker is positioned on the car roof or any other flat surface. Sphere speaker is equipped with magnetic clamps allowing it to be quickly attached or detached to any metal surface.

Information leaflet

Comparison:MobilhornStandard car siren
Acoustic power:150W80-150W
Voice input:Microphone, Wireless mic., AUXMicrophone only
Alarm messages:Custom - USB flash memory (.mp3)3 standard tones
Field voice recording:Voice recorderN/A
Customization:All possibleN/A
Installation:Flexible - usable on any carFixed in car

Control unit technical data
Dimensions:298 x 188 x 136 mm
Power supply:12-14V DC / 15A
Frequency range:50Hz - 20kHz
Output power:150W / 4Ohm
Inputs:Wireless microphone, link input
Memory capacity:16GB standard (10GB for data)
Number of alarms:limited only by memory
Overall alarm length:60hours (720h compressed)
File types:WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Network interface:RJ45, ethernet 100Mb/s
Display:LCD touchscreen, 800x600 pix
Wireless microphone range:30m

Sphere speaker technical data
Dimensions:254 x 302mm
Magnetic stand diameter:378mm
Acoustic pressure:98 dBA / 30m
Impedance:11 Ohm

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