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Design of the new eRotor electronic siren is based on our Maestro type. eRotor has simplified construction and individual power supply separated from control unit. Thanks to brand new digital signal processing and thick aluminum alloy horns, the siren achieves acoustic performance better than other siren made by competitors. For comparison measured values in dB(A)/30m omnidirectional are:

  • eRotor 500W....115dB(A)
  • eRotor 750W....117dB(A)
  • eRotor 1000W...119dB(A)
  • eRotor 1500W...121dB(A)

Thanks to its performance the eRotor siren has exceptional price/power ratio! Siren has various control possibilities and can replay 30 alarms stored in MMC memory card.

Basic technical data:
  • various control options: local keypad, RS232, CAN, binary, VHF/UHF, Pocsag, GSM
  • integrated self test procedures
  • battery backup
  • 30 custom alarm sounds (MMC memory card, .wav, .mpeg, .wma, .midi)
  • AUX input
  • protective steel cabinet
We offer a possibility to supply eRotor siren parts and modules only. This way own siren solution can be designed. For a beginning of such a development we offer a "Siren Kit" which is eRotor 750W with all modules reconnected using standard terminals. Whole Kit is supplied with a technical documentation, describing modules of the siren, inputs and outputs. Anyone can have its own designed high power electronic siren with our help!

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