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Portable Sirens

Portable siren is designed for Crisis Management purposes. Various possibilities of power input and audio output as well, makes it very flexible to be used in the field conditions. The Portable Siren is suitable to be used in Military, Civil Protection, Authorities and Disaster Management applications.

With portable siren you can get professional PA equipment to places where other alarming devices are not installed nor possible to be installed. In case of emergency, the Guardian Portable Siren can be employed anywhere!

Imagine disasters such as floods or forest/bush fires. The authorities can now deliver warning and notification to any place affected by disaster. The evacuation can be quicker and more accurate. The Guardian Portable Siren can be also used in emergency field camps as PA equipment to organize the refugees.

Mobilhorn portable siren
- new digital version of our portable siren

Older version: Guardian Car 200
- analogue mobile car siren unit 200W for disaster management purposes

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